Pyrophyllite is natural Hydrated Alumino Silicate mineral with unique properties of a fire clay. Due to its low expansion properties the mineral expands less on heating than other refractory materials. Traditionally pyrophyllite has been used as a refractory and foundry mineral only. Typically used in the production of Fire bricks, Castables, Alumino Silica monolithic refractories, Mould structures, Coat of fired ceramic bricks.
We manufacture various pyrophyllite product in the mesh size of 80-100, 200 and 300 respectively.



Machinable Pyrophyllite

We manufacture various natural pyrophyllite(untreated/unheated) shaped parts as per customer requirement ranging from bricks, blocks, tiles or any custom shapes. The parts are easily machinable to desired shapes with 99.9% accuracy and smoothness.


Uses & Application of Pyrophyllite

  •   Foundry & Refractories (Castables)
  •   Foundry Paints
  •   Ceramics
  •   Machinable Parts
  •   Filler

Uses & Application of Machine Pyrophyllite

  •   Pressure valves
  •   Electrical engineering parts
  •   Insulation parts
  •   Scientific prototypes
  •   Nuclear reactors
  •   Heat resistant nozzles/parts
  •   Synthetic crystals
  •   Gaskit material for industrial diamond manufacturing