SKKU MINERALS TALC lumps are mined from our various quarry locations which exist in the state of Rajasthan and Northern parts of India. The quality talc lumps are graded / sorted and distinguished upon their purity and brightness. Our range of purity talc powder ranges from brightness 80% to 98% and manufactured in various particle size ranging from 100 mesh to 4 microns. The range is wide enough for distinguished qualities we manufacture for various applications.
The talc range comprises of a variety of microcrystalline talcs, macrocrystalline talc, termelothic talcs, Chlorite talc & calcium talcs. Talc is basically many talc. SKKU MINERALS uses right talc for the right industry which ultimately enhances the end use product.
Talc is chemically hydrated magnesium silicate mineral also called steatite or soapstone as in general. This is the most common and unique mineral in itself. Found deep under the earth rocks talc mines are dug deeper to dig out or mine out talc ore or lumps as well call them. The structure of a talc lumps is very soft, greasy and gives a creamy silk feel when touched.


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Uses & Application

  •   Paints & Coatings
  •   Paper & Pulp
  •   Food and Pharmaceutical
  •   Plastics
  •   Feed and Animal Nutrition
  •   Cosmetics & Personal Care
  •   Ceramics