Substitute for Talc / Talc Alternatives

Talc powder has been used for a wide range of industrial applications because of its unique properties such as chemical inertness, high melting point, and  softness. However, due to health concerns related to asbestos many industries are looking for alternatives to talc powder for their applications. 

Companies and industries have been experimenting with traditional minerals like Dolomite, Calcium carbonate , kaolin and with regards to the pharmaceutical industry they have replaced talc with corn-starch as the safest alternative to any other natural mineral. But all these products cannot replace or replicate most attributes of talc which are chemical inertness, platiness, neutral colour, softness, hydrophobicity and melting temperatures.  

Looking at the demand from the industries and corporations a deep study into mineralogy has led to finding results with new age minerals from SKKU MINERALS which have smooth texture like talc, lamellar structure , neutral chemical composition, Moh. hardness between 1- 2, good level of whiteness, LOI and hydrophobicity. Most importantly free from asbestos. SKKU MINERALS have developed a range of promising alternative products with varied whiteness, particle size and colour to match the requirements of various industries in accordance with talc.

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