Talc – For Technical Ceramics

Talc for Technical

Talc mineral has been used in many applications in Ceramic sector mainly in ceramic tiles, bathroom fixtures, pottery, glaze and dinnerware in bulk quantities in powdered form along with other minerals. Talc acts as a catalyst to improve heat resistance, thermal shock resistance and the strength of the end product.

Although talc mineral acts as a cheap ingredient in the ceramic industry, especially for the ceramic body, not all types of talc are suitable for specialized applications in technical ceramics.

Technical ceramics differ from decorative ceramics in terms of optimized properties with regards to heat resistance, mechanical stability and dimensional stability.

SKKU MINERALS produces refined grades of ceramic speciality talc powder with distinct characteristic features desirable for Technical Ceramic applications:

Microcrystalline or granular Structure

Low CaO contents

Low Fe2o3 content

Low Chlorite contents

Lower levels of LOI and shrinkage

High dry brightness and fired brightness

The material is ground to specific particle size for optimal performance.

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