The word “hydrophobic” means tendency to repel or mix with water. Coatings or paints with hydrophobic characteristics are special paints which repel water and provide advantages to coatings surface they are applied to. Hydrophobic coatings provide features like corrosion and water resistance, resistance against chlorite deposition, self-cleaning affect, mirror like surface finish, and abrasion resistance.

Hydrophobic coatings find applications across various sectors and industries like automotive, aerospace, building and construction, marine industries, clothing, Teflon cookware, and the medical field. 

Natural minerals which act as opacifier with nano particulates enhances the properties of hydrophobic and super hydrophobic paints. SKKU MINERALS produces special derived natural mineral silicates that enhances the properties of hydrophobic coatings and enable better hydrophobicity and provides cost benefits against costly pigments.

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Anti corrosion coatings / barrier protection coatings or protective coatings as we call them provide effective barrier against moisture and oxygen to metal surface from corrosion and rust. These coatings are applied to various surfaces which creates a layer of protection against external environment. They are used in wide applications across interior and exterior paints across many industries.

Anti-corrosion / barrier coatings provide resistance to corrosive chemicals, heat, UV radiations, extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

For producers of anti-corrosion coatings SKKU MINERALS produces speciality mineral products which naturally enhances the life of paint film and improves barrier performance properties.


Naturally enhanced talc products with special morphology have inborn properties to enhance barrier protection. The particles are usually platy but the mineralogical structure and chemical properties provides added advantages for better performance in protective coatings.  SKKU MINERALS produces range of such talc products which reduces the use of anti-corrosion pigments and extenders hence saving costs and improving performance.


SKKU MINERALS manufactures specialised ultra platy dense dry ground LEUCOPHYLLITE products in various particle sizes which are ideal products for anti-corrosion and low VOC coatings. Leucophyllite are natural minerals combination of muscovite + quartz + chlorite.


Special platy ultra white silicate products derived from fossilized deposits with a combined structure of platy and round particles provides excellent barrier properties, increased mechanical strength and durability to the coating, making it more resistant to wear and tear. The white colour and ultra fine particle size provided added advantages of matting and Tio2 spacer.  

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