The word “hydrophobic” means tendency to repel or mix with water. Coatings or paints with hydrophobic characteristics are special paints which repel water and provide advantages to coatings surface they are applied to. Hydrophobic coatings provide features like corrosion and water resistance, resistance against chlorite deposition, self-cleaning affect, mirror like surface finish, and abrasion resistance.

Hydrophobic coatings find applications across various sectors and industries like automotive, aerospace, building and construction, marine industries, clothing, Teflon cookware, and the medical field. 

Natural minerals which act as opacifier with nano particulates enhances the properties of hydrophobic and super hydrophobic paints. SKKU MINERALS produces special derived natural mineral silicates that enhances the properties of hydrophobic coatings and enable better hydrophobicity and provides cost benefits against costly pigments.

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